Wednesday, March 12, 2008

LP 24: Loco Over Coco - The Round-up

We went crazy over coconuts last February for Lasang Pinoy!

As an event-ender, here is the round-up of entries for LP 24: Loco Over Coco : a sumptuous buffet of coconut-based dishes. We have a complete array of creations, from drinks, to traditional and inspired dishes, to fabulous desserts.

But before we take our fill, let us first, as an ice-breaker, get into a discussion about coconuts, which may be a strand of our DNA, according to first-time LP participant Kathleen, of, Massachusetts, USA.

How about turning on Da Coconut Nut Song for our background music? Courtesy of our friends Maricar and Grace, also first-time LP contributors and who have previously done a whole series on coconuts at Filipina Soul, USA.

Then let’s take a tour of our very own Coconut Palace, which highlights the ingenious ways we can use the tree of life, with our tour guide Bursky, of At Wit’s End, Manila.

Ready for a toast to the coconut? Cheers!

Lambanog with Guava Juice

Paoix, One Filipino Dish A Week, NYC, USA

Let’s warm up then to the buffet. For starters, we have bread and soup.

Pan de Coco

Dhanggit, Dhanggit's Kitchen, Provence, France

Corn & Crab Soup

Gay, A Scientist in the Kitchen

Followed by two incredible salads, both by Marketman, of Market Manila, Manila.

Ubod and Parmesan Salad

Ubod Ensalada

Hope you didn’t fill yourselves to bursting yet, because we have just arrived to the main entrees. And first in line, no less, is the famous fiery dish, Bicol Express, with accompanying Laing. Both dishes in two variants!

Bicol Express

Franco, Mariko, Monchu, Table for Three, Please, Manila

Bicol Express

Robert, Filipino Food Lovers, Missouri, USA


Joey, 80 Breakfasts, Manila

Chard Laing

JMom, Cooked From The Heart, USA

Don’t like it hot? Try chopsuey with coconut meat.

Pinoy Buko Chopsuey

Ut-man, Overseas Pinoy Cooking, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Then we have seafood in coconut milk.

Catfish in Coconut Milk

JMom, Cooked From The Heart, USA

Shrimps in Coconut Milk and Tomato Sauce/Coconut Story of My Life

Mira, Random Thoughts, Mira's Web Journal, A Moment to Exhale, USA

Tuna in Coconut Cream

Shai Coggins, Creative Geek Living, Australia

Kona Kampachi With Coconut, Apples, Ginger and Basil

Cia, Writing With My Mouth Full

Ginataang Alimango

Anneski, Kitchen Conjugations, Philippines

Hope you left enough room for dessert. For we have incredibly marvelous ones!

Buko Halo

Grace, Kitchen Journal, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bucayo Squares, Almond BucaJoy

Oggi, I Can Do That!, VA, USA

Maja Blanca
Cooking with the Fruit of Life

Maricar, Grace, Filipina Soul, USA

Coconut Custard (Leche Flan with Coconut Milk)

Sassy Lawyer, Pinoy Cook, Manila

Favorite Ginataan

Nini, Pan de Panda, Manila

German Chocolate Cake

Simple Pleasures, Sweet Tooth , Manila

Tropical Bombe

Manggy, No Special Effects, Manila

Guintaan - a warm Pinoy dessert for the cool HongKong winter

Ragamuffin Girl, Food Frenzy, Hong Kong

Mini Coco Pies
13 & 1 Ways to Enjoy Coconut
Anatomy of a Disaster

Em Dy (first to submit, congrats!), Pulse, Manila

Buko Custard Pie

Babette (Kusinera sa Amerika), Not Another Blog, USA

Pastillas, my contribution to this month's Lasang Pinoy.

And that ends our amazing smorgasbord, hope it didn’t leave anyone wanting!

It had been an honor hosting this event and rounding up all your entries. My hats off to all of you, and as they say in Pinoy, thanks a lot, coconut!


ragamuffin girl said...

hi there, you forgot my entry:)

docemdy said...

Hi Bucaio. My blog's name is Pulse (

Intention to treat is a term used in statistics. i laughed out loud when I saw Intention to Eat in your post as my blog title. Pwede din since I blog mostly about food. Ha ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kai! Great round-up! Really sorry I wasn't able to join despite my promise. Busy busy month... but i'd go around and read the entries. Pictures pa lang yummy na! Mukhang madami akong mapupulot na bagong matututunan!

Nini said...

Hi Kai! Beautiful round-up. Thanks for hosting :)

Mira said...

What a successful event you hosted here, congratulations! We once again proved the versatility of coconut as shown by the wonderful dishes that everybody came up with. I'm really glad I participated. I'm looking forward to the next one. Have a great day!

Oggi said...

Kai thanks for hosting this very successful LP. The entries all look yummy, I will try some of them very soon:)

Kai said...

So sorry, ragamuffin girl, lost it somewhere along the tech codes, but your entry has been added back! Many thanks for participating!

Sorry, too, em dy, I saved your entry under pulse, but somehow I got duling by your website address. Funny, the phrase never existed but it was what I retained in my mind. Thank you for your entries!

Iska, missed your innovative dishes!

Nini, Mira, Oggi, thanks for your valuable contributions and see you in the next LP events!

teabas said...

I definitely went "coco" for all these foods!! They all look yummy and appetizing.

Q: I live in the East Coast and palm trees are unfortunately not fresh for the picking. So what brand of canned coconut do you suggest? Or what do you advice if using a canned coconut is out the question.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Really nice round up for a successful LP event…

Anonymous said...


I use chaokoh brand or mae ploy with ok results.

Anonymous said...

yummy yummy and glorious food! :D haha... bit busy. will try to look at the participants' dishes. (baka lalo ako magutom) thanks for the nice roundup kai!

Babette said...

Thanks for hosting LP 24 Kai and for asking me to join. Is there a mailing list for Lasang Pinoy? I would love to participate regularly.

ChichaJo said...

Sorry for the belated greeting! Fantastic round up! And this was also one of my favorites in terms of theme :) Gata...yum! :)