Saturday, June 14, 2008

Chocolate Bread Pudding

My current favorite, from Bread Talk. This has the size of an ordinary muffin, but it's so packed it's heavy - filled with the goodness of Bread Talk breads. One piece lands in my stomach like a boulder. It's like eating half a bilao of kakanin.

It's been properly soaked in milk it's so milky, but not watery milky and runny that it makes me believe it's something new, baked fresh. It's creamy yet still retains the texture, and consistency, of bread. And tastes of the high quality crumb of Bread Talk breads. Yummm.

It's redolent with melt in your mouth chocolate chips - on top, inside the crumb, and lots of them packed together at the bottom that it's almost like there's a chocolate chip crust.

I wonder why Bread Talk didn't have this from when they started operations here. Lots of other people also love this - I know because it is always so hard to find one. I feel so lucky when I find two pieces sitting on the bread shelf waiting for me. I hoard them at once. For I never know when I can find one again.

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