Thursday, May 28, 2009

The View from Below a Duhat Tree

The tantalizing, mouth-salivating view from the ground, beneath a large, spreading lomboy or duhat tree, when you don't have a bladed net attached to the end of a long pole, with which to gather the ripe fruits without bruising them.

Such temptresses, these berries. A rainbow of colors in a bunch.

But the duhat tree is a giving tree, bearing fruit for all to partake, from birds, bats, insects, and humans, there is plenty for everyone, sprouting berries from its crown down to its lowest branch.

The view below, down on the pavement. The remnants of bounty.

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Anonymous said...

ang tawag dito sa amin ay lumboy.

Kai said...

It's lomboy, too, in my mother language (Pangasinan).

Welcome to my headspace. said...

Sigh. I miss duhat. Thanks for the post, reminds me of lazy summers in Malolos Bulacan and in La Union.

Anonymous said... kita'y masilayan...

Lomboy in Bisaya.