Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lunches at Rose Bowl/Sizzling Plate

I've said a mouthful in my previous post, so I'll just let the photos speak for themselves this time.

The first set is from a late lunch at Rose Bowl, beside the Tiong San department store (at the back of Session), across Burnham Park. Rose Bowl is our favorite Chinese restaurant in Baguio City - dishes never fail to satisfy.

We love the fried chicken, tender pieces fried to a crisp sans a touch of batter. The house specialty is pata tim, star-anise infused pork hock stew liberally strewn with blanched watercress.

But we've had enough meat during the holidays, so we ordered mostly vegetables, with only small strips/slices of beef.

Hototay Soup

Beef Chopsuey

Ampalaya with Beef in Tausi Sauce

Rose Bowl Fried Rice

Cantonese Noodles. I generally dislike noodles of the canton kind, but the way this was cooked I could have finished the entire plate. Of course I controlled myself, because the kids loved it, too.

I always see Sizzling Plate in the food centers of malls around Metro Manila. It seems it originated in Baguio (I may be wrong), with a small, cramped outlet along the main thoroughfare Session Road. I haven't tried the Metro Manila representatives, but by the looks of the servings alone the Baguio restaurant is way above in quality and quantity, literally and figuratively speaking.

I generally eschew meats - I have to give credit to my husband, who has to have steak each and every time we eat out, for introducing me to the carnivorous side of eating. I'm not a convert, and I don't think I'll ever be, though I get to eat pork and beef every once in a while (forced is the more appropriate term).

At Sizzling Plate all dishes are, of course, served on a hot plate, and the specialties are steaks. The menu is relatively short, and everything is accompanied by a small serving of fresh vegetables and an outstanding gravy I'd love to replicate.

[My son's Salisbury Steak]

[My husband's Australian T-Bone steak]

My daughter and I shared a forgettable chicken barbecue that's been basted with a sweetish ketchup (ack!) but was still very dry. Never mind, I got slices of that T-Bone and a third of that salisbury, which were both very good and more than made up for the chicken.

Rose Bowl
7 Harrison Road
Baguio City
(074) 4424213

Sizzling Plate
116 Session Road
Baguio City
(074) 4424219
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Anonymous said...

kalad, rose bowl fare is one of my comfort food. Whenever in baguio, i never fail to eat there. I particularly like their crispy pata and all kinds of vegetable dishes. It reminds me of the chinese restaurant of my childhood in daet, the golden house restaurant. I wonder if the rose bowl cook also cleans his wok with sand and walis tingting under extreme fire he he he. Now that you have blogged about baguio, I got the urge to spend a weekend there.

Kai said...

Go there now! Before the onset of summer and while it's still cold.

I guess the Rose Bowl cook cleans his wok as thoroughly, haha. The dishes taste "clean," compared to other Chinese restos, if you know what I mean.

ryan said...

mouth watering indeed ....memories of Baguio....thanks for sharing your wonderful food trips.