Friday, May 23, 2008

Daing na Tahong

[Sun-dried Mussels]

Another one of market finds that Palawan locals emphatically told me not to forego before leaving Palawan (aside from sikad-sikad, lamayong danggit and Divine Sweets) is daing na tahong, which looked like about eight to ten mussel meats pieced together and dried under the sun.

I was told to deep-fry the lot to a crunch, otherwise they would be tough to eat. But they were thin enough, and it was a bit like biting into jerky, but not that tough and not really particularly chewy.

Tahong is a regular feature on our dining table, because I live in an area where mussels are harvested and sold fresh daily. We have it in a soup, or baked, or grilled, or battered and fried, and even in adobo.

But this is my first time to encounter tahong in daing form. Cooked fresh tahong, as it is, is already flavor-packed. Sun-drying expectedly concentrated the flavors, so this is an intense mussel, with all the taste and aroma of dinaing.

The first bite rendered the unmistakable dried mussel taste of tahong chips (made in Cavite) - an intermingling of the sun, the sea, and dried flesh. But unlike the chips, the daing has no malansa (fishy) aftertaste, and the explosion of flavor at the first bite settles into an established rich taste.

A good, calcium-rich alternative to tapa and fish daing that commonly brighten up breakfasts. Perfect with tomato slices, fried rice and eggs.

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Kai said...

No, sorry, I don't know. But there are tahong chips and bottled adobong tahong in Bacoor, Cavite

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