Friday, November 21, 2008

The Food at the DBP Tiangge

Tapang usa (deer jerky), the paler meat to the right is
tapang baboy damo (wild boar jerky), each at Php225/half kilo

The DBP Tiangge (bazaar or flea market), held yearly on the second or third week of November, is mainly an exporters' fair. Garments, shoes, bags and other apparel, are sold cheaply for those who are brand-conscious but who don't want to spend thousands for a name.

Mind you, these are not knock-offs, but the real thing - the vendors are the makers themselves of the products which are under toll manufacturing agreements with international brands. Only that, some did not pass quality control, or have minor (read: negligible), or the line has been discontinued or has been outmoded.

Export products include handicrafts, furniture, dining and kitchenware, Christmas decor and other knick-knacks.

While the food is not for export, it takes up about 18% of the total bazaar space, and is a hodge-podge of regional delicacies, from Vigan longganiza and bagnet to Bataan tinapa (smoked fish) to Bicol pili. All in all an exciting tour and a great source of supplies to fill up household larders. And a lavish refreshment stop after lugging bayongs of tiangge goodies.

Foil-wrapped boneless bangus on the grill

Gigantic crustaceans from crab country Roxas City (Php250/kilo)

The fluffiest, eggiest, buttery bibingka (Php40 each), which are sold alongside a yummy puto bumbong

A 1.5kg sublime piece of ham from Ben Jamon (Php480/kilo)

No, it's not sisig - it's dinakdakan, an Ilocano/Pangasinense specialty of pig jowls boiled, grilled and mixed with kalamansi, peppers, onions, mayonnaise and (!) pig brains

Kanding kaldereta (goat stew)

Pili in various forms

Also ever present are my perennial favorites, cheeseburger and diced hopia by Baker's Fare.

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