Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Pias Cluster

I always come upon a tree or two of pias (kamias, Averrhoa bilimbi) with full-grown fruit clustered all around the trunk. Or a bare one, the trunk all bald and lonely. But I never knew what the buds looked like. Or that they first blossomed before developing into sourness.

About a couple of weeks ago some small pias fruit started appearing in the fruit tray at the dining table. Upon inquiry my daughters proudly admitted to bringing in the fruit from a tree bordering our neighbor's perimeter fence. I told them sayang, the fruits are still too small to be of use.

But the response I got was "But Mommy, come! Look at the flowers! And bring your camera! Come! Cooommmme!" By now my children had become used to my taking photos of food that they have somehow taken in the notion that I have to take a shot of everything, too.

But I have them to thank, not only for the joys they impart to my daily life, but for major finds such as this. I would have grown to be an old hag not knowing that an unremarkably green souring ingredient that's so common starts out so beautifully colorful, in my favorite shade and hue at that, had not my daughters stumbled upon them and forced me to take a look.

They're lovely enough to be a bouquet, don't you think?

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Anonymous said...

I think you have imparted to your children a sense of appreciation for the beauty of nature. Congratulations!

lou in san fran

Kai said...

Oh thanks, that was an unexpected reaction!