Thursday, December 25, 2014

Ebai's Apple Walnut Cake

I try to shun away from walnut cakes, for all those I've tried were parchingly dry. But when we were in Baguio for a much needed pre-Christmas vacation, the head of our office branch in the city handed me a small box of what she labeled as Ebai Cafe's best. 

I accepted gratefully, but reserved judgement on its reputation. Ebai's owner had been a client of the agency I work for, and we had always supported her business, going to lengths to promote her products. But she had not been known foremost  for her culinary prowess

When in Baguio I always troop to Vizco's, for its distinctively local strawberry cake. But of course I will be very remiss in being a foodie if I don't give other cakes in the summer capital a chance, won't I, especially if it had been given for free. So we forced ourselves to avoid Session Road, and came straight to our lodgings after dinner to open the box and try a slice.
I believe you cannot cure a walnut cake, for it is naturally dry. But it can be moistened with fruit, so in this case, the apples - in great, soft chunks lounging in the crumb - provided the much-needed moisture and fluff. The cake is moistened further by the excellent cream cheese frosting, generously coating the entire cake, that was redolent of cinnamon.

And so I accept. Ebai's apple walnut cake is the cake to eat in Baguio City during Christmas. The spice, the apple-pie-a-la-mode affinity, are a festive match to the cold holiday air perfumed by pine needles, mint and pungent thyme. Great with steaming tea or coffee, but good enough, on its own. A holiday discovery that will haunt the rest of the year, and the next.

Happy holidays, everyone!   

Eba's Cafe and Pastry151 Upper Session Road
Baguio City
Tel. No. (63-74) 4469722
Mobile No. (63-939) 9035593

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Anonymous said...

i will try ebai's apple walnut cake when i visit baguio. happy holidays to you too.


Jerry said...

I'm glad to see you back and your post.