Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Glorious Easter To You!

I find it providential that this is my 100th post.

I didn't continue posting during the Holy Week, thinking wrongly that nobody would be reading. As it turns out, I got the most number of hits on Black Saturday, of all days.

Anyway, I hope everybody had a meaningful week, whether spent in introspection, family reunion or otherwise, and whether the Catholic/Christian religious tradition was observed or not.

Let me just share the following message I received for Easter, which I found to be true in how I look at life in general.

"Let the...season remind us all that life is just lent to us. We are all just passing by. We are not immigrants here. We are all pilgrims on the road. We bring nothing when we die. But we can leave behind the love we have shared, the hope we have given and the goodness we have done..."
And may the beauty and freshness of these yellow flowers inspire you for Easter.

And may I venture to ask, can anybody guess what they are? They were brought in a tight bundle to the kitchen table very early in the day by the tenant of a farm owned by my in-laws, and I spent a good part of the morning trying to remember what they are. Silly me, I have been eating them since childhood (yes they're edible, in keeping with this blog's theme), but I couldn't place them, because it was the first time I saw them this vibrant and gloriously fresh. They're usually sold in the market all closed back, wilted.

So let us see if anybody can arrive at the name faster than me.


Anonymous said...

Those are kalabasa flowers. Am I correct?

Anonymous said...

yeah, i agree with "anonymous," it is bulaklak ng kalabasa!

babsie said...

Same here....I agree with the previous post. This is what we called "Bulaklak ng Kalabasa"
Such a pretty brightly yellow...oh I love to have those in my center table. Dont dare to eat them.

Anonymous said...

yeah, kalabasa flowers. I agree with anonymous.

Good if you cooked it with other leafy vegetables (dinengdeng).

Anonymous said...

my guess is its a kind of mushroom,
ang tawaag yata dito sa amin ay "kulat-kulat" i don't know but its a good ingredient for bulanglang.

Kai said...

Wow, that was fast! And I thought they were morning bells or something, haha.

Yep, they're kalabasa blooms and they're good with bulanglang, pakbet, and other mixes of vegetables. Thanks to you all, Alilay, I haven't heard of kulat kulat, must be an Ilocano term.

kayli said...

so it means kalabasa is not only nutritious but also has flowers that are all nice looking. i really like kalabasa.

Kai said...

Yes, that's right, Kayli, the blooms would probably make a good table centerpiece if only they do not wilt so fast.