Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cabuey, Uong, Apayas, Luko

[Sigarilyas, kabute, papaya, gabi/
Goa bean, oyster mushrooms, green papaya, taro]

This would have been heaven with wild mushrooms that sprout overnight around the base of banana stalks after a thunderstorm, but it's not thunderstorm season in the Philippines right now. So I substituted with the best alternative, cultured oyster mushrooms, though they are not that regularly available these days, either.

This was triggered by a comment in the previous post about the vegetable cabuey (sigarilyas, winged or goa bean). The Pangasinan vegetable mix of apayas tan agayep (papaya at sitaw, green papayas and yard-long or string beans) is the base, boiled with a thumb of ginger and seasoned with bagoong isda.

But to provide additional points of interest, we add cabuey and luko, the one for crunch, the other for alternating soft chew-iness and some starch. The mushrooms make it a luxuriant dish - the crowning glory with its meaty taste and tender bite.

The whole mix could also be made the vegetables added to nilagang baboy or baka (tender slices of pork or beef in clear broth), forgoing the bagoong isda (not the ginger, though), and seasoning with patis (salted fish sauce) or sea salt. Just add to the simmering broth (with the meats already cooked), cook for about five minutes, and serve. Guaranteed to be a great alternative to your usual nilaga.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I can make a meal plan for the whole week with your wonderful native healthy and reasonably priced vegetables. Thank you kalad! Gusto ko na naman mag palengke tour.

Anonymous said...

Ohong ang tawag nyan dito sa min (Bacolod). Nanay is a big fan of it kaya kung anong dish dito na pwedeng haluan ng ohong she does it. Kaya yung balagay sa bahay kinakain namin with ohong at karne.

Yung growth nun sumusunod ata sa panahon, that's why sinasabi nila tuwing kumukulog lang makikita. What's with the thunderstorm? Yung mga mushroom siguro parang mga sundalo na nagsisilabasan sa tunog ng bugle. He he he.