Monday, June 29, 2009

Lechon for Recess

So school has started, and by this time I hope the kids had already adjusted to their new routines, if any, and more importantly to new teacher/s and classmates.

Stress for me is only just beginning, though. After the rigors of enrolment and the frantic preparation for school opening, not to mention the previous almost unresolved debate on where to enrol the child this year, comes the ten months of assignments, projects, fights with classmates, extra-curricular activities.

Getting a child to school, on time, with enough sleep, well-prepared, well-groomed, all assignments done, all materials secure in the bag, is a major logistical nightmare. The fact is aggravated in my case by my having to go to work two hours away from home every single day, so that stress levels are shooting up to the heavens by dawn, and by the time I arrive home all of us are ready to lie down with sleepiness and fatigue, assignments untouched.

Add to that the planning of the every day baon (food taken to school/office) and it becomes simply unmanageable. And a major headache when I find that sandwiches, or milk, sometimes remain untouched and brought home already spoiled. I get chills imagining my children spending the entire morning inside the classroom shaking with hunger, so that I've tried all the tricks in the book. Even, yes, packing up lechon (whole roasted pig) in their lunchboxes.

just look at that blistered skin

But my kids are not meat-eaters, growing up in my household. So they don't take to lechon seriously. But they do take to ingeniously shaped bread, getting a kick out of biting off faux heads, eyes, tails, feet.

The wonder of visual impact. Animal shaped bread, which I found in a bakery on the way to my son's school and in a bakery atop the Airmen's Mall in Villamor Air Base, don't taste spectacular, but no matter how huge each one is, they get finished before the school bell rings.

The attention to detail is impressive. Besides the almost natural coloring, the spikes and spines make me almost afraid to touch this crab. There is also a lobster, a crocodile and a fish. My son is requesting a mouse. I say eeewwwww.

The lechon, from Villamor, can be ordered to one's preference - filled with hotdogs, ham or bacon. Maybe Mang Tomas?

The bakery selling lechon bread is on the 3rd floor of the Airmen's Mall. The Airmen's Mall is located beside the Villamor General Hospital, inside Villamor Air Base. Villamor Air Base is beside NAIA Terminal 3. To get to Airmen's Mall enter the gate beside the PAF Museum, which is just across the hospital. Ample parking in front of the hospital and the mall.


red ribbon bakery said...

Children have fun with this kind of bread.My preschool son wants this lechon design.


Anonymous said...

The lechon bread is absolutely adorable. I wish I could get some of that stuff. The crab is scary. They look so real. Roz

Leslie said...

These are sooo cute! I love your blog.

Anonymous said...

amazing! i wish they made bread like that nearby. i'd love to have lechon for lunch AND merienda!!!

Mrs. L said...

That lechon bread is amazing! How totally cool. We can get crab shaped bread at the sourdough bakeries in San Francisco (along with many other shapes) but none look as cool as the lechon bread!