Friday, November 19, 2010

Bacolod's Burgos Market

Here's a cursory look inside the Burgos Market in Bacolod City. I was there on a Friday morning, and I was surprised that it looked sleepy, what with just a few people shopping, the stalls not fully occupied. But the selection was nonethless exciting, and I found some very interesting things.

The shells I have seen somewhere else, though not in Pangasinan nor Cavite. Somewhere in my other trips, I believe those long narrow ones are called bamboo shells which I have eaten at Harbor View by the Quirino Grandstand. But it was these shells that intigued me - my first time to encounter them.

They looked like beetles, green cockroaches even, and all had their "tongues" sticking out.

The round headless body of the pork of the sea - my beloved blue marlin.

Cross-section of a blue marlin

Some lapu-lapu, and freshwater (or maybe brackish) bulgan (apahap, or local bass)

Small bisugo and asuhos

Alumahan, sap-sap, and great espadas

A closer look at the espada. Real big ones, like the ones we eat in Pangasinan, which I sometimes find in Cavite, though not as big, and not as common.

Galangal, used to flavor the local seasoned vinegar sinamak, and the common, hairless ginger.

Batwan, of course

Some leaves I am not familiar with, eaten as vegetables

Kadyos, center, sold as commonly as green peas and yellow balatong (monggo or mung beans)

I have only seen, and eaten, this kind of mung bean sprouts, in Pangasinan, which we call inpabasik, and I was so happy to find it in Bacolod. These are further on in their germination than togue, hence the shorter tail, developed bodies, which are "naked" and completely opaque.


Anonymous said...

Those seafood look amazing and I miss going to wet markets everything here in New Zealand are bought in supermarkets

Kai said...

Oh! How boring to be shopping for seafood in a supermarket!

Maricel said...

We call those green shells with the tails - balay. We normally cook them like Tochong Bangus.