Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bohol Bee Farm

Seafood Soup

A little distance away from Bolod Beach, but on the same side of Panglao Island, is this charming rustic resort that promotes a distinct lifestyle waiting to be experienced. You come here to smell the flowers, then eat them, too!

Bohol Bee Farm is all about the birds and the bees, literally. The actual bee farm is on another property in mainland Bohol, so there's no fear of bees swarming you while you stop along the herb-lined paths. But a colony is kept in the resort for showcase, with a very educational beehive tour included in the room rates.

Honey, of course, is used extensively. In the food served, in the spreads sold in The Buzz Cafe, as well as in other non-food products that beg to be collected, and are good pasalubong for friends. 

But the resort is not just about honey. Situated on a ledge atop the sea, there is no beach to frolic on, only a sun-bathing balcony. But you come here to indulge in health and rejuvenation. Thickly foliaged corners invite contemplation, the scent of herbs and flowers explode to mingle with the sea breeze, clearing the mind, and your lungs.

grilled blue marlin

Your gut is cleared, too, cleansed by the food. Unmilled, whole brown rice, freshly-picked organic greens from the surrounding gardens, lightly seasoned seafood and poultry, freshly squeezed fruit juices. Island living can be as good as this!

A closer look at that floral salad - I see cosmos, bougainvillea in two hues....but so much as they enliven the dish with their bright colors, they don't contribute much in terms of taste. Their main purpose is for visual effect, and for nutrition. 

honey-glazed chicken

lemongrass tea
fresh fruits with shredded young coconut and yogurt dressing
breakfast, with honey-glazed ham and honey waffle

Such respect accorded to the human body is mirrored in the way the gardens are cultivated, and in the design of the structures scattered in the resort. Villas and rooms were built around standing trees and plants to preserve them, and native and locally available materials were used and emphasized.  

So even though there is no sand hereabouts, and the sea is almost impossible to access, I find joy here. Peace bee with you.

Bohol Bee Farm
Dao, Dauis, Panglao Island, Bohol
Tel. Nos. (6338) 5101822, (63) 917-7101062, (63) 939-9046796, (63) 917-3041491
Email Address:

P.S. My photos of the ice cream were all blurred, so I didn't include them here. But they were absolutely fantastic! A bit pale because no artificial dyes were used, but the all natural flavors and creaminess made them comprable to gelato. A trip to Bohol Bee Farm only for the ice cream would be worth it.

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i♥pinkc00kies said...

love their food too esp. the pasta, bread w/ pesto spread, ice cream and halo-halo! the ribs were good too and the fresh/ organic veggies :D

Kai said...

Ay yayay, I forgot about the ice cream!

James said...

Nice food. Gonna go there in the future. More about bee farms? Click the link below