Thursday, February 20, 2014

Legend Hongkong Seafood Restaurant

Legend combination platter

To continue with my Chinese restaurants series, this one also occupies a stand-alone building, but shares it with the Pasay outlet of The Wensha Spa at the Boom na Boom grounds. It sits on a lower rung compared with Golden Bay, with its smaller dining space, and a not-so extensive menu – by which I mean most dishes are more or less familiar.

complimentary sesame peanut appetizer

But the marine aquaria contain premium items, too, though like other Chinese restaurants they are fixed on the walls and so serve as integrated adornment in the dining hall aesthetics. The spinach and seafood soup, which I never fail to try in any Chinese restaurant that offers it (see Ahfat, or Golden Bay), uses dried ingredients, and so is saltier. I think for some this would mean it is tastier, looking at the brighter side. 

But Legend has its own strengths. For one, you can choose what goes into your combination appetizer  platter. We chose suckling pig, soy chicken, asado pork, salt & pepper cuttlefish and crab salad, and all were very good. An order of fried rice was all that was needed, actually, and we were set for a meal. But of course I needed to have vegetables, and the broccoli flower with dry scallop and golden mushroom – one of their bestsellers – was the best I’ve ever had.
broccoli flower with dry scallop and golden mushroom

The wait staff were also more knowledgeable about the food they serve and so are more able to assist diners on their food choices. I have to note, though, that the last time I ate here I used my credit card to pay for our meal, and about two hours later the same credit card was used to pay for an online purchase that I did not make. The people at The Legend, or at least the one who processed my payment, was the first one to pop in my mind as the culprit because I rarely use the credit card for transactions that requires its actual presentation, as I reserve it for my auto-debit bills payments.
Legend steamed lapu-lapu

I had to call in to have the credit card invalidated, and it cost me a lot of inconvenience to re-enroll all my debit bills to the replacement card. So I did not go back to eat at The Legend after that incident, though I was not able to prove it was their people who fraudulently used details of my credit card. It’s a pity, because I like the food, but I haven’t gotten over what happened yet, and there are other  new restaurants to try, anyway. In the future, if I do dine here again, I will be paying in cash, and will encourage other patrons to do the same.
sago with fruit puree (mango)

Legend HongKong Seafood Restaurant
Boom na Boom Compound
D.Macapagal Highway corner Gil Puyat Avenue
Pasay City
Tel. No. (632) 8333388, 8331188

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