Monday, June 01, 2009

Mahogany Market

Stayed for a weekend night in the "ridge city" of Tagaytay (it is believed to be sitting on the lips of a caldera, though), going there after office hours on Friday and leaving at check-out time Saturday, after enjoying the uncharacteristically clear sights of Taal Lake and the country's smallest volcano.

On the way home we dropped by the Mahogany market, known for fresh beef. Indeed, all stalls sported assorted beef cuts, still warm, some with the cow head on display to prove authenticity (sometimes unscrupulous vendors substitute beef with carabao meat).

Tenderloin was at Php220, which was real cheap, while boned cuts ideal for soup was just Php160 per kilo.

The fruits and vegetable section was overrun by the smell of ripe langka, though not as ripe as I would have preferred (they were still a bit anemic to me).

The famous Tagaytay pineapples, tiny but very sweet.

I was so happy to spot basketfulls of green bananas, humongous and fragrant, selling for only Php50. It is so difficult to find these bananas in the areas I regularly inhabit, so it had been a blissful find.

But no matter how happy I was, I can only eat so much bananas. They are rapidly ripening, so an aunt-in-law thought it best to make them into a salad. It consisted of thinly sliced green bananas, chopped Fuji apples and segments of pomelo, mixed with a little condensed milk, served very cold (almost frozen). It's a bit weird, but it's nice and refreshing, with a mixture of varying textures and contrasting tastes.

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